Nikki Reign


As much as I would love to puff up my chest and be proud of all that I have accomplished; actively pursuing makeup artistry as my only source of income has humbled me quite a bit.

We are all here to create. Deciding on and committing to a path is a challenge and I had grown accustom to my road being mapped for me. As a child I loved to paint, draw, and sculpt; most of my doodles being faces. As I entered into the working world I excelled in communications and connecting with people (sales/management). When the light bulb finally came on it was clear that a combination of these things would allow for much more fulfillment and growth in my life.

I enjoy sharing ideas with others and being a part of all collaborative work is the root of my passions. Every time I experience the "grand finale" of a project I am even more prepared and excited to move on to the next.

Things I want to do more of :

travel / body painting and structural work / video and motion work / theatre / special effect

costume design / set design / idea testing

I have done a lot of :

Photo / Print / Beauty / Bridal / Character / Portrait / Editorial / Pinup / Burlesque / Conceptual


  • makeup
  • airbrush
  • wardrobing
  • set design
  • costume design
  • jewelry design